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Canon: Classic World of Darkness
Name: Colin (Coileán) / Quirin / Stormfinder
Age: 11 (15 in human years) // 26 (30 in human years)
Race: Werewolf

Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Theurge
Breed: Metis

Other notes of interest:
- He has a third eye on his forehead, a milky white orb without pupil or iris framed by skin folds that make it look like an unblinking blind eye. It's not functional and waters a bit most of the time, a slightly salty, slightly sticky secret that runs down his forehead, either being caught and clotting in his hair or, in homid form, catching in his eyebrows or running down his nose, so he needs to wipe his forehead every so often. He doesn't really cover it, but keeps his fringe so that when among humans he can let his hair fall over it so it won't be as obvious.
- He tends to make himself smaller with his stance and often tries to hold himself out of the figurative spotlight - his whole body language is very subdued.

Info for the not-canon-familiar
His world is much like ours, just that unbeknownst to most humans, all kinds of supernatural creatures (vampires, werewolves, fairies, people with magical powers, etc) exist. The kind of werewolf that he is is the "born, not bitten" kind. They have a strong connection to spirits/the spirit world.
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Continued from here.

[When Jericho wakes up again, one of the women who were waiting outside - the short-haired one - is sleeping on the other cot. If Jericho moves and gets up, she'll stir a bit and pull the blanket over her head, muttering something in French that going by the tone sounds a lot like It's too early, let me sleep some longer.

The fire has burnt down, only a low glow in the heart, and moonlight filters in through the windows. That aside, the cabin lies quiet. An open box with crackers has been placed on the table along with a water bottle.

If he walks over to the door and tries to get out, he'll find that he can open the door easily, but that there's what at first looks like a three to four feet high, red furry wall blocking the exit on the outside. The wall breathes calmly and steadily, quite obviously asleep.

A little distance away, a grey wolf sits on an elevated rock, but her attention seems to be directed away from the cabin.]


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